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We Remember


We Remember

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hey god, it’s me again wondering why i have more energy at 2am than 2pm

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Ariana singing the National Anthem - then and now
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Everyone needs to chill. Ariana and big sean might not even be dating and yes maybe holding hands seems a little more than friendship but sometimes friends flirt, maybe even hookup, like for real. And the age difference is five years, Hollywood has seen much worse than that I actually laugh like Beyoncé and jay z are loved but they have more of an age difference than them (I love Beyoncé and jay z together just pointing out a fact). Also, stop comparing Ariana to naya, naya is married and so she isn’t a factor here at all anymore, I love her and Ariana both and they don’t deserve to be compared like that. On a final note, IF Ariana and big sean are dating, who cares? They clearly get along and have fun together so who is anyone to judge? Just let people live and love as they please, just saying.

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